Plan for Future Generations
There is a philosophy that says we exist in the process of creating new works, and that those creations then live on after us. The same may be said of our philanthropy. The steps you take now to plan for Clarkson define your life and your priorities, and the plan you create will touch the minds of generations of Clarkson students after you. And just as creativity builds on what came before, your planning complements the generations of donors who supported Clarkson so that you could benefit from a Clarkson education.

Al Poskanzer ’69 and Linda May-Poskanzer created their gift plan in recognition of the help Al received from those who came before him, and to ensure that the Clarkson experience would shape the minds of students who will shape the world in the future.

Your gift of education is a significant part of your life that will live on after you.

Annual gifts — Your continued annual gifts to the Clarkson Fund at the Roundtable level make a difference to students every year, and it’s easy to make a gift online. Take the Reh Challange with a four-year pledge. Have you thought about creating a bequest that would “endow” your annual gifts?

It’s a “no-brainer” – You can double or even triple the amount and impact of your gift if your company offers a matching gift program for retirees. It’s a simple process that can make a big difference.

Roll-it-over – The IRA Charitable Rollover allows you to make a distribution directly to Clarkson and count it towards your annual RMD.

Do you have a minute? — Your time and expertise are still valuable to Clarkson. The University needs volunteers to help find qualified students, and alumni chapters need to be managed. You may now have the time to visit campus and meet with students.

Generate guaranteed income now — Make a tax-deductible gift to Clarkson and receive fixed, guaranteed payments for you and or a loved one for life with a charitable gift annuity. Use our gift calculator to create your own gift annuity projection or request a projection from Clarkson. Lou Dindo ’54 has created several gift annuities at Clarkson. Lou would be happy to speak with anyone confidentially about gift annuities, the process to create one and about Clarkson’s service. You may call Lou in Massachusetts at 978-448-2733.

Income for you and/or loved ones — Make tax-deductible gifts to a charitable remainder trust and receive income for you and/or loved ones for life. Use our gift calculator to create your own charitable trust projection or request a projection from Clarkson.

Start that endowment — Create an endowed fund in honor of the family name to support anything from student scholarships to professorships. And you can build your endowment with tax-deductible gifts over time.

Make a difference, now — Your tax-deductible outright gift may help Clarkson solve a problem right now. There are always projects to be done, athletic facility upgrades, classroom renovations, laboratory equipment upgrades. Your gift, even pledged over several years, can make a big difference for Clarkson students today.

A tax-wise plan Retirement plan assets are expensive to inherit, since the beneficiary must pay tax on income from the plan. It may be tax-advantageous to capstone your philanthropic legacy with a gift of retirement plan assets to Clarkson and bequeath other assets to heirs.

Join the “pool” for income — Your gift is combined with gifts from others in our pooled life income fund to generate income for you and/or other loved ones now, with the remainder passing to Clarkson later on. Use our gift calculator to create your own pooled income fund projection or request a projection from Clarkson.

Share Clarkson  Pledge at least $2,500 per year for four years and provide a direct scholarship to help a needy and deserving student access a Clarkson education.

“Insure” your legacy — Naming Clarkson the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy can generate an income tax deduction now for the cash value of the policy, and preserve your charitable legacy.

A gift of your home – Create a retained life estate, generate an income tax deduction, and gift your home to Clarkson while retaining the right to live there as long as you wish.

A solid plan
— A bequest in your will or living trust may be for a specific amount or asset, a percentage, a remainder or a contingency. It may memorialize a family member or the family name. You can also create a gift annuity or charitable trust through your will to provide income to other loved ones before a gift ultimately goes to Clarkson.

Pass assets to heirs estate tax free — For certain individuals, a lead trust is an effective way to make gifts to Clarkson for a number of years before the trust assets pass tax free to heirs.

For further information on gift-with-income plans request our workbook Will a Gift-With Income Plan Work for Me? You can use our gift calculator to create your own gift-with-income projection or request a projection from Clarkson.

For more ideas on creating a gift plan using non-cash assets request our workbook Gift Planning With Non-Cash Assets.

For help organizing and defining your philanthropy request our Philanthropic Planner.

Is it time to update your will? For help getting organized before meeting with your attorney request our Estate Planning Organizer. And if you would like to document your legal arrangements and final instructions for your survivors request our Personal Affairs Organizer.

Your plan for Clarkson’s future may make you a member of the Annie Clarkson Society.

Review Anniversary Reunion Year Gift Counting Guidelines.

Read about others who have created gift plans for Clarkson at We Ensure the Experience.

Your gifts may count in your next anniversary reunion and towards Roundtable annual recognition. Contact the Annie Clarkson Society for help making the most of your gifts to Clarkson.

This web page does not provide legal or financial advice, nor is it a comprehensive review of the topic. You should consult your legal and financial advisors and Clarkson University before making or planning your gift.