Be a Philanthropic Role Model
When you were younger you may have searched for answers to life’s questions, but do you find yourself looking for more practical solutions these days? Are you balancing work and home, income and expenses, short and long-term planning goals? Are you looking for practical ways to make a difference with your life

Exploring and expanding your philanthropy can bring solutions and satisfaction. For spouses Peter Radosta ’88 and Karen Storne, this is the perfect time to achieve practical solutions and make a difference by supporting higher education. Pete and Karen have coordinated bequests in their estate plans to someday create an endowed scholarship for a student in physical therapy or health sciences. Their gift plan was easy and inexpensive to create, and provides flexibility into the future. It makes a statement about their charitable vision and gives focus to their future philanthropy.

At this stage, your free time may be limited and you may need to deal with the challenges of everyday life. Creative gift planning may help:

  • A time saver – Your annual gifts to the Clarkson Fund at the Roundtable level make a huge difference on a daily basis at the University, and frankly, it takes almost no time to make your tax-deductible gift online.  Take the Reh Challenge with a four-year pledge.
  • A “no-brainer” – You can double or even triple the amount and impact of your gift if your company offers a matching gift program. It’s a simple process that can make a big difference.
  • Quality time – In all of your dealings, keep in mind that Clarkson might be perfect for a student looking for the right college. You can relax and do a little networking at a Clarkson alumni event. Become a Notable KnightVolunteering can take as much or as little time as you have available.
  • A gift of income – a gift annuity to provide income for a parent(s) or other loved one(s) not only provides a family financial solution, but also makes a gift to Clarkson and generates an immediate income tax deduction. Create your own gift annuity projection, or request a projection from Clarkson.
  • Save for the future – In addition to retirement and supplemental retirement plans, a charitable remainder trust can help you prepare for retirement, generate an immediate income tax deduction and ensure a gift to Clarkson. Create your own charitable trust projection or request a projection from Clarkson.
  • Give someone a future – Create an endowed fund to help students access a Clarkson education. Everything from scholarships to professorships help transform a young person’s life. You can plan your tax-deductible gifts over time and witness the benefits of expanding your philanthropy.
  • Share Clarkson – Pledge at least $2,500 per year for four years and provide a direct scholarship to help a needy and deserving student access a Clarkson education.
  • Use an asset creatively – Speaking of retirement, did you know that you can name Clarkson as a percentage or contingent beneficiary on your retirement plan? It costs nothing and takes almost no time to create this gift plan.
  • Show some flexibility – Naming Clarkson as a partial or contingent beneficiary on a life insurance policy also costs nothing and takes little time to accomplish. It’s a great way to keep your plans flexible and yet make a statement of your philanthropic priorities.
  • The simple example – A bequest to Clarkson for a specific amount, a percentage, a remainder or a contingency is a simple answer to providing for your family first and still making a statement of your charitable priorities.

Explore the possibilities of a gift annuity or a charitable trust. Request Will a Gift-with-income Plan Work for Me? Use our gift calculator to create your own gift-with-income projection or request a projection from Clarkson.

For ideas on creating a gift plan using non-cash assets request our workbook  Gift Planning with Non-cash Assets.

For help organizing and defining your philanthropy request our Philanthropic Planner.

Is it time to update your will? For help getting organized before meeting with your attorney request our Estate Planning Organizer.

Your plan for Clarkson’s future may make you a member of the Annie Clarkson Society.

Review Anniversary Reunion Year Gift Counting Guidelines.

Read about others who have created gift plans for Clarkson at We Ensure the Experience.

Your gifts may count in your next anniversary reunion and towards Roundtable annual recognition. Contact the Annie Clarkson Society for help making the most of your gifts to Clarkson.

This web page does not provide legal or financial advice, nor is it a comprehensive review of the topic. You should consult your legal and financial advisors and Clarkson University before making or planning your gift.